Crowded House frontman Neil Finn recruits sons to join them

Crowded House is back on stage performing brand-new music.

Frontman Neil Finn has recruited his two sons to join the family business - a move that surprised them all.  

Europe Correspondent Lisette Reymer caught up with the band ahead of their UK show.

Neil Finn was on stage with Nick Seymour - both of whom are founding members.

The faces of delighted fans gazed back at them.

And the two Finn sons, Liam and Elroy, who grew up around the band are now on stage at the heart of it.

They were asked if they always imagined ending up a part of the band.

"When I suggested it to Elroy he definitely had a look on his face like 'I wasn't expecting that'," said Neil.

Based in different countries around the world the time spent together - on-stage and off - is extra special.  

But the family dynamic never changes.

"I obviously want to control everybody," Neil said.

"Yeah and once everyone submits to that, it's fine... everything's fine, everything's smooth."

Crowded House has always been a family affair. The new album has taken things to the next level.

At the band's sound check, they cranked out their new single 'Teenage Summer'.

A song that got a late rename thanks to the input of the youngest generation, a five-year-old Finn. 

"My grandson was singing to it on Facetime and he'd just been listening to it and he said 'I really like that new song 'Teenage Summer' pa!', and I thought the children have spoken!" Neil shared.

After almost four decades of making music for the ages, Crowded House refuses to rest on its hits.

The UK shows are wowing with new music and surprise guests.

Neil's time as part of Fleetwood Mac is lending itself to a big cameo.

They were asked if New Zealanders could count on a Mick Fleetwood appearance.  

"If I wrote to him a few times now, he'd probably turn up," Neil said.

As if there wasn't enough star power on the stage already.