Review: Inside Out 2 is ready to charm audiences across the globe

Ten years after the joy, sadness and everything else in between of hit Pixar film Inside Out, the next chapter is ready to charm audiences across the globe.

This time, it's dealing with the drama of teenage emotions.

Our beloved Riley is back, complete with her suite of emotions we know and love. Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust - and of course we better not forget Anger.

She's happy at school, has some cool mates and kicking puck at ice hockey.

But little does she know puberty has arrived. So it's hey there Embarrassment, Envy, Ennui and Anxiety.

Joy is doing everything she can to keep Riley on track but these are tough big emotions, and like last time it's here where the genius of Pixar turns movie-going into a lifechanging experience, a portal for parents and pubescents alike to learn and laugh along in the comfort of a dark cinema.  In one word: brilliant.

Inside Out was groundbreaking and storytelling at its most powerful and entertaining and while this new story didn't pack as much of a punch to the heart as its predecessor, being back in this world was pure joy.

Four stars.