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Watch: Jesse Mulligan goes on rant against anti-vaccine advocates

Anti-vax campaigner hospitalised with chickenpox

Social media users mocked Fedriga for catching infection.

Immunisation Advisory Centre director Dr Nikki Turner talks to The Project.

Why making the MMR vaccine compulsory might not be a good idea

"People get pissed off being told what to do."

Watch: Jacinda Ardern has a "strong message to everyone" as the measles outbreak spreads.

Auckland measles map: Track the fast-moving outbreak

If you were at these two locations, you could be at risk.

Watch: Jacinda Ardern has a "strong message to everyone" as the measles outbreak spreads.

Two infected in Auckland measles outbreak

An infant has been infected and the public is being warned to be on the alert.

Helen Petousis-Harris told The AM Show on Wednesday measles was one of the "most infectious diseases known to man".

Expert says herd immunity is threatened by anti-vax movement

Vaccinologist says over 50 people are suspected of having measles in Canterbury outbreak.

Watch: Why measles might still get you, even if you're vaccinated.

Italy bans unvaccinated children from school

Parents can be fined up to NZ$800

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'Anti-vax murderers shouldn't get access to the welfare system'

This group is so far removed from reality, they put their own children at serious risk, writes Duncan Garner.

Police Headquarters in Christchurch, New Zealand. NZ Police was formed in 1842 and has 8,459 sworn members.

Christchurch police prosecutor with measles could have infected 'many' people

It is unlikely there will be enough vaccinations to go around.

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Toddler with cancer forced into isolation after measles outbreak

His mother has a frustrated message for Cantabrians about vaccination.

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Four-year-old with fatal condition now superhero in storybook

UK boy Jackson Garwood was diagnosed with Krabbe disease in 2015.

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Dame Tariana Turia joins campaign against euthanasia

The ex-associate health minister isn't a fan of David Seymour's Bill.

Watch: An Otago researcher believes Alexander the Great died of Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

'I couldn't control anything': Horror as woman wakes up to learn she's paralysed

After weeks of bizarre symptoms, Delilah Corkery was suddenly unable to feel or move.

Watch: Crohn's disease sufferers deliver impassioned plea for law change at Parliament.

Amazon worker with Crohn's sacked for 'excessive' toilet breaks

He's now suing the company for damages of at least $4.36 million.

Several sika deer were illegally released into Taranaki forests in a "1080 protest".

'Zombie' deer disease spreading across US, could infect humans next

It turns brains into "Swiss cheese" - and scientists warn there's no cure.

The border fence

Why Denmark is fencing off its border with Germany

It's not what you think.

Kaylah Merritt.

'An awful nightmare': Mum's warning after a kiss nearly killed her baby

A simple expression of love led to a "nightmare" for one-year-old Kaylah.

The Project's Jesse Mulligan explains why vaccines are important.

Anti-vaxxers named a threat to global health

The WHO says they're one of the 10 biggest dangers in the world.

Health officials responded to a measles outbreak in the South Island last year.

Measles outbreak in Waikato

Six cases of the disease have been reported in two weeks.

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Woman dies after doctors mistake rabies for a panic attack

She had been bitten by a puppy in India.

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'Daddy's not making sense': Hero 8yo's ambulance call for meningococcal-suffering dad

Phoenix knew something was very wrong with his father when he woke up.