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The Project's Jesse Mulligan explains why vaccines are important.

Anti-vaxxers named a threat to global health

The WHO says they're one of the 10 biggest dangers in the world.

Health officials responded to a measles outbreak in the South Island last year.

Measles outbreak in Waikato

Six cases of the disease have been reported in two weeks.


Mosquito 'birth control' could save millions of lives

Mosquitoes are one of the world's deadliest animals, but perhaps not for much longer.

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Woman dies after doctors mistake rabies for a panic attack

She had been bitten by a puppy in India.

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'Daddy's not making sense': Hero 8yo's ambulance call for meningococcal-suffering dad

Phoenix knew something was very wrong with his father when he woke up.

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Kiwis still uncomfortable around HIV+ people - survey

"The biggest barrier for people living with HIV is stigma."

A stock photo of a Hospice Nurse visiting an Elderly male patient who is receiving hospice/palliative care.

New Zealand has world's highest death rate from motor neuron disease - study

Two Kiwis are dying every week from motor neuron disease.

On Monday, an immunisation programme for Northland was announced.

Mother of student who died from meningococcal B calls for nationwide vaccines

A free immunisation programme will begin in Northland in December.

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'Urgent' meningococcal vaccines flying in to Northland

Teens and kids will be immunised from December after three deaths in the region.

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Speedy cancer clinic offers 45-minute diagnosis wait

Patients save time, money and worry with a fast-track service.

On Tuesday, new funding to tackle kauri dieback and myrtle rust was announced.

New funding to tackle kauri dieback and myrtle rust may not be enough

Some academics also feel not included in the process.

Chickenpox can be fatal - but there's a safe vaccine.

Chickenpox outbreak at school full of unvaccinated children

More than 70 percent of the students have exemptions.

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'Scariest time of my life': Mum urges Kiwis to get meningococcal shot

Sheryl Martin's daughter felt fine, but quickly fell ill and spent days on life support.

Doctor putting on protective gloves

DHB issues meningococcal advice after teen's death

The 16-year-old became ill at a youth camp attended by almost 200 others.


Self-lubricating condoms prove a slippery success

The coating can reportedly withstand "1000 thrusts".

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Ground-breaking research could change the way lung disease is treated

Hospitals around the world expected to adopt findings.

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New mum receives PM's support in her search for a donor

The new mother is struggling with finding the perfect match for a transplant.

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Experts warn of Legionnaires risk as summer sets in

They advise disposing with the 'she'll be right' attitude when handling compost.

Hundreds of Kiwi babies have been born recently with damage to their health caused by drugs, alcohol or medicine.

'It haunts us': Mum's emotional plea after newborn's death

"We were both just so shocked... I'd never seen my husband cry before."

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Pro wrestlers raising funds to get Kiwi 'wrestling nut' to WWE

Mitchell Fels has a rare disorder that's made it difficult to fulfil his dream.