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Measles have been an issue in Canterbury.

New York bans parents using exemption to dodge vaccinating school kids

Children must have measles vaccinations to attend school in the state.

Measles have also been of concern in Canterbury.

Measles vaccination age brought forward in Auckland

An outbreak has prompted the change.

Man having his temperature checked in eastern Congo.

More than 2000 Ebola cases in eastern Congo, 1300 dead

The rate of new cases has tripled.

Watch: Why measles might still get you, even if you're vaccinated.

Parents 'scaremongered' into not vaccinating kids

"If a parent chooses not to immunise their child, that has repercussions."

Watch: Experts warn the Australian flu outbreak could easily spread here.

Two Aucklanders die from flu

There are fears an Australian outbreak could spread here.

Watch: School students march across the country for climate change.

Kiwi nurses warn climate change will lead to increased pests, disease

Rats and mosquitoes could trigger outbreaks of malaria.

Watch: Why measles might still get you, even if you're vaccinated.

Experts' grim warning for countries looking to avoid measles outbreak

They have advised compulsory vaccinations for first year students.

Watch: Why measles might still get you, even if you're vaccinated.

Unvaccinated Kiwis bearing brunt of measles outbreak

Only three of 71 people under 19 hospitalised for measles were vaccinated

Cows were left without enough water in their quarantined area.

Cows euthanised after M bovis lockdown

The farmers were unable to move the cows, despite the dire situation.

Mycoplasma Bovis may have spread due to government delays.

Government admits delays in tracing Mycoplasma Bovis may have caused disease to spread

“You’d sooner have three snow falls than go through this performance of mycoplasma.”

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The harrowing human cost of M bovis

Some farmers are losing everything to the disease.

Watch: A mother has pleaded for parents to vaccinate their children amid the Canterbury measles outbreak.

Teen sues school over chickenpox vaccine, gets chickenpox

After refusing to be immunised, the 18-year-old has now come down with the virus.

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'We will have deaths': Fears measles outbreak could kill Northland kids

"I can't predict how out of control it will get, but with our low vaccination rates... there is a big risk."

Watch: Miracle baby born with heart outside body due to extremely rare condition

'I've only held him twice': Mum's plea after baby born without skin

"It has been very hard for us... the skin disorder he has is so very rare."

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Father's emotional plea to Jacinda Ardern to fund lifesaving drug

"We don't think the New Zealand health system is good enough for our girls."

Watch: Thousands sign petition to save Ukrainian family from deportation

Irish family may be booted out of Australia due to sick son

It may be "the only home [their] son knows" - but Australia says he's a burden to their health system.

Watch: Why measles might still get you, even if you're vaccinated

Three quarters of NZ measles cases occurring in unvaccinated people

Experts say it's to be expected.

Watch : A Rangiora mother is pleading for other Cantabrians to get vaccinated against measles

Unvaccinated children banned from public places in New York amid measles outbreak

A state of emergency has been declared.

Watch: Jesse Mulligan goes on rant against anti-vaccine advocates

Anti-vax campaigner hospitalised with chickenpox

Social media users mocked Fedriga for catching infection.

Immunisation Advisory Centre director Dr Nikki Turner talks to The Project.

Why making the MMR vaccine compulsory might not be a good idea

"People get pissed off being told what to do."