Mental Health

Watch: Jacinda Ardern comforts students at Christchurch's Cashmere High, who lost two of their classmates.

Take care of yourself: Expert advice on feeling a little less terrible

If you're still feeling down in the wake of the horrific events of Friday, you're not alone.

"I'm worried about anyone who has viewed this accidentally."

Mental health concerns raised over alleged terrorist's video

"I'm worried about anyone who has viewed this accidentally."

Mental Health

Looking after your mental health after trauma

With organisations "gearing up" to offer support , there are small steps you can take for your own health.

Mental Health

Edge host Meg tearfully opens up about fat-shaming comment

"I can see myself in the mirror, I know I'm not small, I know I'm a big girl."

Mental Health

Justin Bieber 'struggling a lot', asks fans to pray for him

He says he's "facing his stuff head on."

Watch: Former Prime Minister Sir Bill English and his wife Dr Mary returned to Parliament in August to argue against the proposed euthanasia legislation.

Anti-euthanasia group launches documentary series

Defend NZ is a series of documentaries featuring people with a terminal illness or disability.

Willlie Apiata opened up to Newshub's Mike McRoberts about his PTSD.

Ron Mark says his rehabilitation after army service was 'pathetic'

The Defence Minister has opened up on his own traumatic experience after Willie Apiata spoke out.

Mental Health

'I was on my own': Willie Apiata says he got 'no support' for PTSD

The VC winner is launching an organisation with his wife to fight for ex-soldiers' welfare.

Watch:  Gisborne farmers are getting off the land and into the waves.

Watch: Gisborne farmers hit the surf

Group of Gisborne farmers manage stress and work-life balance in a novel approach.

healthy foods

Eating to help low mood and anxiety

It turns out you really are what you eat.

Dr Sharyn Graham Davies explains how Millennials should reclaim the term 'snowflake'.

Why old people think everything's okay, when it clearly isn't

Science might explain why old people think youngsters are so damn angry and outraged all the time.

Watch: The Project investigates the future of sleep.

Weekend catch-up sleep is bad for you, study finds

It feels good, but might just make things worse in the long run.

A Government report painted a sobering image of mental health in New Zealand, with the Mental Health Act described as "outdated and inadequate".

Government pumps $79m into Canterbury mental health services

The budget was increased from $57m to make more space for mothers and families.

The Momo Challenge encourages kids to self-harm.

5yo forced into pixie cut after listening to Momo

She's believed to have hacked off her hair in distress.

Watch: How petitions to Parliament work.

Petition calls for Government to ban social media

The Wellington man who created it said he'd "definitely like to see Facebook banned".

Mental Health

The Government must intervene on behalf of Nicky Stevens' parents

Waikato DHB, call off your dogs, writes Duncan Garner.

Increasing numbers of New Zealanders have been taking their own lives.

Meat co-op launches workplace initiative to raise awareness of suicide

"Some men are not so good at asking for help around mental health."

The three murdered girls

Mum forged doctor's note to get kids out of school before shooting them

She also took her own life.

Watch: The world's biggest video-sharing site was flooded with videos featuring child favourites in 2017.

Suicide video appears on YouTube Kids app

Videos showing kids how to kill themselves have been found on Google's YouTube Kids app.

Watch: Jordan Peterson speaks with Magic Talk's Sean Plunket .

Give up on small towns, Jordan Peterson tells NZ

The controversial Canadian psychologist says they're to blame for our high youth suicide rate.