Mental Health

WATCH: The truth behind your mood swings.

How to beat the 'Sunday blues'

That creeping feeling of dread is normal, so here's how others get through it.

People with dementia have been 'dancing with the stars' in a special class in Auckland.

DWTS judge Rachel White teaches people with dementia to dance

"It is great for your brain health."

Listen: Sam Whitelock talks about his involvement in the Farmstrong mental health programme.

'Everyone's got a story to tell' - All Black's mental health crusade

Why Sam Whitelock wants to get farmers talking about their mental health.

There have been 70 suicide attempts or self-harm reported since the election.

'It's an epidemic': Dramatic increase in Manus Island suicide attempts

Some say the Australian election is to blame.

Things to know about people suffering with 'high-functioning' depression.

High-functioning depression: Things to know

Mental illness masked by an 'ordinary' exterior.

Watch: Parliament passes medicinal cannabis Bill, promises regulated market and legal defence.

Australia trialing medicinal cannabis for veterans with PTSD

They want volunteers who haven't had success with other forms of treatment.

Watch: There were 300 suicides in the construction industry between 2007 and 2017.

Male suicide: Encouraging men to 'open up' isn't good enough

Site Safe's CEO says if workplaces pick off a scab, they'd better have a bandage ready.

Watch: There have been 300 reported suicides among construction workers in 10 years.

'It just exploded': Canterbury man shares depression struggle to inspire others

Like many men who suffer, he didn't open up straight away.

Mental Health

Episode 2: Grief never leaves, it just evolves

Mark Longley says letting go of the grief he feels over the death of his daughter Emily would feel like betrayal.

Aziz - Age of Outrage: The 'harden up' mentality is detrimental to society

Men, we're killing ourselves

It's about time we started caring about our own lives, writes Aziz Al-Sa'afin

Mental Health

Episode 3: Finding a way through the pain

"I made this podcast because I wanted to reach people. I wanted to start a conversation," Mark Longley says.

Mark Longley

The Death podcast: Mark Longley

Mark's daughter Emily was murdered in 2011, when she was 17 years old.

Liese Groot-Alberts

The Death podcast: Liese Groot-Alberts

Liese is a counsellor and palliative care educator, who speakers internationally on loss and bereavement. Her daughter Nana died when she was almost three years old.

Dr Peter Bray

The Death podcast: Peter Bray

Peter is a senior lecturer and head of the counselling programme at the University of Auckland's School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work. His wife, baby son and step-son died in a car crash soon after the family had moved from England to New Zealand.

Mark Longley hosts a new podcast - Death - which discusses losing a loved one, and grief.

Grief more complex than 'a succession of stages' - psychologist

There are many variables that can affect grief, and it's not a linear process.

Newshub's new Podcast - Death - deals with the loss of loved ones, and grief.

How to help someone dealing with grief

It's important to address each layer over time.

This is what happens once you die.

Revealed: Behind the scenes at a funeral home

This is what happens once you die.

Hannibal Lecter, the world's most famous fictional cannibal.

Cannibals come in two types, researchers say

Next time you're having an old friend for dinner, it might pay to check they don't fall into these categories.

Watch: Finance Minister Grant Robertson reveals the Wellbeing Budget.

Mental health expert labels priority of under 24-year-olds 'confusing'

He said it's unclear if the Government will ration its funding for younger people.

Noa Pothoven.

How a fake news story about euthanasia fooled the world's media

Almost everyone wrongly reported Noa Pothoven's death as euthanasia.