Auckland's filthiest restaurants: The E-grade eateries food review

Earlier this week, Newshub released a behind-the-scenes look at Auckland's filthiest restaurants - with some of the foulest photos we've ever seen.

Inside these kitchens were cockroach infestations, massive mould growth and festering bags of meat.

But does the food taste as bad as the photos look? Newshub decided to sample their menus - so here are our E-grade eateries food reviews.

The first victim was Newshub intern Delphine Herbert, who was sacrificed for the greater good.

She bravely tackled the black bean pork from Chatswood's Malaysian Recipes, which was E-graded for its lack of cleaning and pest control, and inadequate food storage.

The look on her face as she ate it said it all.

She wasn't impressed.
She wasn't impressed. Photo credit: Newshub

Newshub digital producer Scott Palmer sampled a black bean beef from Auckland CBD's Noodle Canteen (cleaning unsatisfactory, poor food storage, poor food handling practices).

The flaccid noodles were mixed in with glutinous meat, and then covered in a smoky sauce. Not the good smoky sauce you find in Southern cooking, but a burnt oil flavour that tasted like the waste-product from an old diesel car.


A photo inside one of the E-grade eateries.
A photo inside one of the E-grade eateries. Photo credit: Auckland Council

K Road's Kebab Grillers was E-graded for unsatisfactory cleaning, poor food storage, poor food handling practices and inadequate staff training.

There was an ominous sign as we ordered. The takeaways had cunningly hidden their E-grade behind a pot plant to keep their failures from the public.

And the menu wasn't much better, offering up an array of "Protein Choice" - including a fish kebab. Anyone who orders a fish kebab from an E-grade eatery has our respect and sympathy.

Instead, video editor Max Molyneux tried a lamb kebab.

A photo inside one of the E-grade eateries.
A photo inside one of the E-grade eateries. Photo credit: Auckland Council

His colleague Ben O'Connor played it safe with a Kiwi favourite, fish and chips from Mt Wellington's Van Lam Takeaways (E-grade for food storage and cleaning).

He declared it tasteless - possibly for the best.

Last up was Newshub producer Sarah Templeton, who scoffed an entire bowl of dumplings from Dominion Road's E-grade New Flavour Restaurant.

New Flavour's list of shame included a lack of pest control, along with unsatisfactory cleaning and poor food handling practises.

But this didn't deter Templeton, who declared her food delicious.

Are you brave enough to tackle the Newshub challenge? We've listed all current E-grade eateries in the map below.

If you manage to eat at all of them without getting food poisoning, please let us know on Facebook.