Mega avocados are hitting Australian supermarket shelves

Mega avocados are hitting Australian supermarket shelves
Photo credit: Peaches Fresh Food

Super-sized avocados roughly four times larger than the regular variety have hit Australian supermarkets shelves.

Dubbed the 'Avozilla', the avocados weigh 1.2kg on average and are estimated to supply 20 servings of avocado on toast, reports ABC.

Retailing for roughly NZ$13, Groves Grown Tropical Fruits are the only farmers in Australia which grow the variety which originates from South Africa.

Farmer David Groves said the response has been amazing and the avocados, which are known to grow up to 1.8kg, are more buttery than the smaller varieties. 

"Often big fruit and big vegetables don't taste as good as the smaller ones but in this case they really do," ABC reports Mr Groves said.

The growers aren't worried about competition due to regulations on planting the fruit and a need to pay royalties to the South African company that owns the rights.

One store in Perth sold the majority of the avozillas in two days, with sellers believing cafes and restaurants may take advantage of the variety due to the large amount of flesh on each fruit.