Avocado, almonds and other foods might not be vegan

Avocado, almonds and other foods might not be vegan
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Hold on vegans, eating avocado might be breaking your dietary rules.

On the BBC comedy show QI, participants were asked which food, out of avocados, almonds, melon, kiwifruit or butternash squash, were fine for vegans to consume.

It turns out, at least according to the television show, none of them are. The reason they give? The commercial farming practices of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

As vegans avoid animal products, those following the dietary rules won't consume honey due to how beekeepers supposedly exploit the bees.

Since many orchards and farms use migratory beekeeping for pollination, where bees are transported between farms, QI says that may be considered animal exploitation.

Bees can often be injured during the transportation, and others can have their lifespan negatively affected.

But the use of migratory beekeeping isn't common, although Californian farmers have recently struggled with not enough local bees pollinating their orchards.

The television show also gives the examples of cherries, cucumbers, lettuce, and other vegetables which benefit from migratory beekeeping.

So, will the treatment of bees put you off your Sunday brunch avo on toast?