Instagram influencers used California wildfires to post nude photos, promote products

Instagram influencers have raised eyebrows by posting suggestive photos and product endorsements under the guise of caring about the California wildifres.

The US state has suffered massive damage in the fires, with 86 people confirmed dead and more than 500 still missing.

Hundreds of people, including many celebrities, have made social media posts expressing their sorrow about the tragedy.

However some seem to have missed the mark a little when it comes to striking a respectful tone.

Model Josey Auguste, who has half a million Instagram followers, posted a photo of herself on a beach wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of bikini bottoms.

"Praying for Malibu and surrounding areas, some of my most precious memories are from these magical places," she wrote, following up with the hashtag #woolseyfire.

Former Playboy bunny Jayde Nicole uploaded an image of herself wearing shorts (the brand of which she tagged in the description) for her 2 million followers, along with the caption: "Malibu, we love you and we will heal."

Indonesian actress Raline Shah posted a photo of herself modelling a dress that retails for US$290 (NZ$425) - and as an apparent after-thought, included in the caption that she was "sad to hear about the fires in Malibu and praying for safety and strength for the firefighters battling it out there".

Artist Jeremy Kost posted a photo of a naked man looking thoughtful on a beach with the caption "#CurrentMood seeing all the unreal destruction in Malibu from the fire... it has always played such a central role in my work.

"I'm SO sad for those affected and for the world to be losing such majesty."

He later deleted the post after receiving an angry message from a follower who said it was insensitive.

Instagram influencers used California wildfires to post nude photos, promote products

Brazilian-born Vinny Alves Kerr posted a shirtless photo of himself promoting a brand of guarana syrup.

"My heart with them Malibu (sic)," he wrote with a sad emoji, followed by #sixpack. He also seems to have deleted the post.

Instagram influencers used California wildfires to post nude photos, promote products

Like and Subscribe, a comedy show about social media stars, posted a compilation of similarly tone-deaf Instagram photos to Twitter.

"We want to thank all of the brave influencers who have donated completely unrelated thirst traps to the victims of the California wildfires," the sarcastic tweet read.


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