Kiwi flies to Vegas to marry Bumble match on first date

  • 27/12/2018
Paul and Sarah Edwards on their wedding day, cuddling underneath a fountain in Las Vegas.
Photo credit: Facebook/Paul Edwards

Two strangers have eloped to Las Vegas and married, a day after they met face to face for the first time at Gatwick Airport.

New Zealand born Sarah Edwards, née Elliott, matched with British father of two Paul Edwards on dating app Bumble on December 15, the Daily Mail reports.

The pair didn't start chatting properly until December 22 though, and from there things escalated as they quickly realised they had a connection and made plans to elope.

"I can't remember who brought it up, but one of us said: 'We get on so well - maybe we should get married,'" Ms Edwards told the Daily Mail.

"The other one went: 'Yeah, maybe we should' and it literally spiralled from there.

"I'm usually such a logical person, but all the rules have been thrown out."

Ms Edwards bought her wedding dress the next day and wore it to Gatwick Airport, where Mr Edwards greeted her dressed in a suit with an engagement ring.

The pair boarded a plane in their wedding outfits and made their way to Las Vegas. They married at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino on Christmas Day.

Both Mr and Ms Edwards have been in serious relationships before. He was engaged to be married to his girlfriend of eight years before she left him just before the wedding. Ms Edwards had been married but it only lasted six months.

Now they're working out how to tell their friends and family about the elopement, especially Mr Edwards' teenage daughters.

"I'm going to see them tomorrow to take them for lunch - and I'll tell them and ask their opinion," Mr Edwards said.

"I know them and I know they'll be happy for me."

Ms Edwards is yet to tell her family too, although they're based in the Southern Hemisphere so it's a bit harder.

"They're on the other side of the world we don't talk as often as we should," she said.

The couple are planning to have another proper wedding in 2019 and Ms Edwards is already thinking of international locations for it, including back home in NZ.