Wedding planning more stressful than ever, as intense as 'second job' - experts

Organising the guest list can take nine hours alone, surveyed couples said.
Organising the guest list can take nine hours alone, surveyed couples said. Photo credit: Getty

A new study shows wedding planning is more stressful than ever, with some couples surveyed saying it was as labour intensive as having a second job.

The survey of more than 2000 married UK couples revealed two in five think the process of organising a wedding is far more time-consuming than it would have been 20 years ago. Almost 40 percent said organising their wedding felt like taking on a second job.

The Independent reports many estimated around six hours will be spent picking the perfect flower arrangements, and 11 hours will be spent trying on dresses in a bridal store.

It also emerged the average couple will dedicate more than nine hours to whittling down the guest list.

Most couples said tackling the wedding venue was the first job on their list, a sentiment echoed similarly in New Zealand with many couples having to book accommodation one to two years in advance.

A spokesperson for Virgin Group who commissioned the study, said it was an unsurprising result.

"Pulling all the threads of a wedding together can feel like an impossible task, and it's no wonder brides- and grooms-to be feel daunted by the prospect," they said.

"While it's unsurprising to hear the majority of couples wade in with the arrangements, hiring a third party can be a simple way to keep those doubts and worries in check throughout the process."  '

NZ- based wedding blog 'She Said Yes' recommends "starting your wedding budget" as the most important task of any wedding

"In New Zealand it's said to be around $35,000, but I have recently written an article on how the 'average' cost of a wedding is actually very misleading, so don't get too caught up in what other people are spending," blogger Megan Hutchison wrote.

"You don't have to set a wedding budget of $35,000 just because that's the NZ average! I know of brides in New Zealand who have pulled the entire day together for less than a $5,000 budget."