'Contains dead body': Vegan activists' 'meat-shaming' stunt enrages Australia

Vegan activists have enraged Australian shoppers with their latest meat-shaming stunt.

As they made their way into the meat and deli section at a Melbourne Woolworths on Friday, shoppers were shocked to encounter stickers slapped on packets of chicken and other non-vegan products.

"Warning: this package contains the dead body of someone who wanted to live," the stickers read, according to news.com.au.

It's angering meat eaters who accuse the animal rights activists of going too far.

"I tell you what mate, we don't tell you how to be a vegetarian, so if you are, good luck to you. But DON'T tell us what we can or cannot eat," one person fumed on Twitter.

Another said the laws needed to be changed to hit the vegans with a large fine.

"It's pretty simple to put a law in that anyone gets caught interfering with packaged good with no intention of purchasing, gets a $1000 fine for food tampering," they wrote.

The stickers are available for sale on Etsy for AU$11 for 42. The seller says they are for "sticker bombing", or stickervism.

"It is a method of guerrilla marketing that is used to facilitate free communication with the general public," they state on their page.

"It is an incredibly cost-effective way to promote the animal rights and vegan message.

"Disclaimer: Stickers are provided for personal use only, stick at your own risk."