'Karen': How one meme ruined a mother's favourite baby name

"Can I speak to the manager?"
"Can I speak to the manager?" Photo credit: Reddit.

A mum-to-be has faced backlash from her family after deciding to name her baby daughter "Karen".

The expectant mum, Stephanie, was unaware that the name "Karen" plays an important part in online meme culture - particularly in the string of "Can I speak to the manager" memes, which ridicule "a very specific kind of entitled middle-aged woman". 

Stephanie's cousin took to the popular Reddit thread, "Am I The A**hole" to tell her story.

"When Stephanie was out of the room, everyone was immediately like, 'that poor kid'... why would she pick Karen of all names?"

According to the thread, the cousin made the executive decision to tell Stephanie that her baby name of choice was basically an online joke. She illustrated her point by showing Stephanie some memes.

"I started to explain to her that Karen has some negative connotations and has become a sort of internet joke," the Reddit confession continued.

According to Reddit, Stephanie was outraged that her favourite baby name basically describes an overbearing 35-year-old soccer mom driving an SUV.

"I wasn't trying to tell Stephanie not to name her daughter Karen, I just wanted her to make an informed decision. I'd want someone to do the same for me," the cousin said.

A dedicated board of Reddit jurors weighed in on the cousin's dilemma.

Some believed the cousin was, in fact, the a**hole.

"You really think it's going to matter when this kid grows up? It's a meme," said one user.

"You are definitely the a**hole," concluded another.

Others agreed that her actions saved Stephanie in the long run.

"To be fair... Karen is a pretty crappy name."