Woman blasts PrettyLittleThing for 'expectations vs reality' bikini fail

The bikini was a clear case of expectation vs reality.
The bikini was a clear case of expectation vs reality. Photo credit: Left: PrettyLittleThing; Right: Instagram/Lydia Ramsey.

A British woman has taken to Twitter to express her 'expectation versus reality' experience after purchasing a skimpy bikini from online retailer, PrettyLittleThing.

Lydia Ramsey, 20, thought she was setting herself up for a successful summer of sunbathing when she ordered the blue cut-out bikini. However, she quickly discovered that the item was a fail of less-than-epic proportions. 

The NZ$69.60 bikini set was not "true to size", leaving Ramsey with a generous amount of on-trend 'underboob'.

The woman posted a side-by-side comparison on Twitter of herself in the bikini versus the online image of the model.

"Never buying a bikini from @OfficialPLT" again," Ramsey declared.

"Sizing is not right."

The barely-there bikini, reportedly meant to be in a size 16, received an influx of attention on Twitter. Some complimented Ramsey's confidence, and others were torn between finding the lack of fabric hilarious - or worrying.

"Can't believe this!" one user exclaimed, while another related with the boobage battle.

"Happens to me every time and I even size-up three sizes for bikini tops," the user empathised.

PrettyLittleThing came across the bikini blunder, and told Ramsey they would look into the bikini's poor proportions.


Ramsey is not the first to be disappointed by a PLT purchase. A number of PLT customers have shared their 'expectation versus reality' clothing fails across social media.