Behind-the-scenes look into Graham Norton sampling and blending newest wine

Graham 'The Nose' Norton is about to release the newest addition to his wine range: the sixth vintage of Graham Norton's Own SauviGNon Blanc. 

Every year, New Zealand-based Invivo Co-founders Rob Cameron and Tim Lightbourne travel across the pond for a hands-on day of sampling and blending where the television host determines the final wine blend.

In a new behind-the-scenes look into a day of hands-on sampling and blending with Graham and the Invivo boys, Norton calls the blending process "fascinating". 

"The guys bring six or seven samples and we taste them individually - it's like this weird alchemy," Norton explains. "The tiniest addition of a single variety or single sample can change the nature of the wine."

Of the finished result, Norton says he would "drink that until the cows come home". 

 "I think we've nailed it again boys."

With just 14,000 bottles of the Graham Norton range produced in 2014, this year's vintage will top 3.5million bottles. 

Graham Norton's Own Wines are now enjoyed by people in ten countries including NZ, Australia, Canada, UK and Ireland, the US, Norway, Denmark, Hong Kong and Japan.

He also released a gin with a Kiwi twist last year.