'Disgusting': Vegetarian's anger at meat-free sausages being swapped for pork

A vegetarian woman is outraged after Australian supermarket chain Coles sent her pork sausages instead of the vegan ones she ordered.

Sydney woman Gabi Jo told Yahoo News Australia she allowed Coles workers to substitute foods in her online order if they were out of stock, but did not realise they would give her meat.

She had asked for The Alternative Meat Co's 100 percent plant-based sausage, but instead got Primo gluten-free balanced blend beef and pork sausages "with hidden veggies".

"They looked disgusting," she told Yahoo News.

"There was nothing [on the packaging to suggest] they were anything but pork and beef. Whereas mine, the Alternative Meat Co, were 100 percent plant-based, 100 percent vegan."

Jo refused to let them enter her home, giving them back to the delivery man before getting in touch with the supermarket to complain.

"Firstly, I might not be vegetarian. I might be, for cultural reasons, not able to eat pork and they’ve chosen pork out of all options?

"It's really frustrating because by the time [the delivery] got here I was so angry because I had been excited to cook them for dinner."

It's not the first time Coles has given meaty products to vegetarians. Perth shopper Zoe Callis got beef mince instead of her plant-based alternative.

At the time Coles apologised for the incident.

"In this instance, a suitable alternative was not provided, and we have apologised to the customer and offered her a full refund," the spokesperson said.

"We are reviewing the processes we have in place for online orders to ensure this does not occur again."

Coles is yet to comment on the latest incident.