Woman who faked depression to get NHS-funded nose job now crowdfunding for bum lift

Carla Bellucci wants a bum lift
Carla Bellucci has slammed the NHS for their decision not to fund the surgery. Photo credit: Instagram.

A mother dubbed 'Britain's most hated woman' who once faked depression to get a nose job is now crowdfunding for a £6,000 (NZ$11,200) bum lift. 

Carla Bellucci, 37, hit the headlines earlier this year when she admitted to faking depression and "flirting" with a GP to get an NHS (National Health Service) funded nose job worth £7,000 (NZ$13,000). 

Now, she's slamming the public health service for not giving her a free bum lift, claiming it's for her "mental health". 

"I need it for my self-esteem and it is just something that I need doing so bad and I know I can't pay for it," the mother-of-three told The Mirror. 

"The NHS definitely won't pay for it this time. I don't know why, transgenders get operations left, right and centre, but they will not pay for my bum lift."

At the time of publishing, a crowdfunding page she set up has raised just £12 (NZ$20).

Cosmetic surgery isnt routinely funded by public health care, but nose reshaping might be performed to help with breathing problems. However, Bellucci says she was clever enough to "work the system". 

"All the people moaning are just jealous," she told The Sun. 

Recently, the former glamour model also said she'd encourage her 14-year-old daughter to have plastic surgery as well, as she "isn't the most academic of girls". 

"Ugly people get nowhere these days," she told Closer magazine. 

"She will need to rely on her looks to get on in life, so she will need to be perfect. At the moment she loves the Kardashian look with the big bum and boobs and pouty lips. She's going to get fillers when she is 16, which I fully support."



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