Aussie man sparks outrage with controversial '100 percent correct' chocolate bar ranking

An Australian man has left chocolate fans outraged after posting his own highly subjective and controversial ranking of chocolate bars to social media.

"The 100 percent correct chocolate bar power rankings," wrote Bruno Bouchet, a Sydney-based managing director.

Bouchet felt very strongly about his confectionery categorisation, claiming his rankings were non-negotiable. 

"Don't bother commenting, this isn't up for discussion," he wrote.

Bouchet divided 16 chocolate bars - which by the way, are all delicious and should be treated with equal respect - into four categories. 

The God Tier


Picnic, Turkish Delight and Chomp are the cream of the crop for Bouchet. Turkish Delight is a particularly interesting top-tier choice - in a box of Favourites, Turkish Delights are too often the lonely choccies left until last alongside its universally condemned cousin, Mr Cherry Ripe. 

The Royalty Tier


Silver medals were awarded to Snickers, Twix and Curly Wurly - also controversial choices. As Snickers so wisely said, "you're not you when you're hungry". Perhaps that's why Snickers has been excluded from the Golden Gates.

"Snickers deserves to be in the God tier, otherwise spot on," one person commented.

"I think you may be onto something, but still - I've gotta stand by my irrefutable list," Bouchet responded.

The Take It Or Leave It/Adam Sandler Tier


Honourable mentions went to KitKat, Crunchie and Mars as Bouchet's middle-ground milk chocolate treats. But why is Adam Sandler being dragged into this? 

The Pleb Tier


Twirl, Time Out and Aero were called out as the plebs of the chocolate world. Nothing groundbreaking.

The Would Rather Eat A Bucket Of Vomit Tier


Although no chocolate truly deserves this disgusting treatment, Bouchet made it clear that Violet Crumble, Milky Way, Chokito and Bounty had no place in his pantry.

Some chocolate loyalists were outraged by Bouchet's total dismissal of Flake, Caramello and classic Cadbury Dairy Milk - and Cherry Ripe (an understandable omission).

Bouchet has responded to the controversy, reiterating his "perfect" list is still "not up for discussion".