'Game-changing' homemade Mars Bar Pods recipe goes viral

Chocolate lovers are in for a treat - the gooey, biscuity deliciousness of Pods can now be replicated at home.

One savvy home cook's "homemade Mars mega Pods" recipe went viral after their not-so-secret recipe was shared to the Slow Cook Recipes & Tips Facebook page. 

While the popularity of Pods can make them difficult to track down, condensed milk, butternut snap biscuits and milk chocolate are likely to be in every sweet tooth's arsenal. 

The three-ingredient wonder has since amazed Kiwis and Australians alike.

"I'm going to head down to the store right now so I can make it," one person wrote.

"Definitely trying this," said another.

"This is a game-changer!"

How to make 'Mars Bar' giant Pods


The home cook started off by making a "slow-cooked caramel" by putting one can of sweetened condensed milk in the slow cooker. 

"[Put] ring side down, [I] filled the cooker with water so the can was about an inch underwater and left on high for six hours.

"Also put the can on baking paper before filling with water to save it marking the bottom of the slow cooker," they wrote.

After six hours, turn the cooker off and let the tin cool in the water overnight.

Next, the home cook recommends warming Arnott's butternut snap biscuits in the oven until soft, before pushing a spoon in the middle of each biscuit to shape them. Let the biscuits cool, then fill them with the caramel.

"Then [I] melted 150g of milk chocolate buttons [Nestle brand] in the slow cooker on high for 10-15 mins until just melted and smooth and spread on top of each caramel-filled biscuit. Put in the fridge to set," they conclude.

"The caramel is so yummy I had to resist eating it out the tin with a spoon!"


However, some did question the time-consuming operation.

"I would love to try it," said one woman.

"Would probably just end up drinking wine and eating the condensed milk, biscuits and chocolate though."


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