'This is just my life': Blessed in Doubles blogger Zoe Fuimaono on what it's like being a mother and an influencer

If you live in Aotearoa, are female aged between 18 and 35 and on social media, then chances are you've come across mummy blogger Zoe Fuimaono.

"I would say I'm an influencer, but I had to learn everything on my own though. I haven't been to university, I haven't done marketing," says Zoe.

In a few years, her Instagram account 'Blessed in Doubles' has turned the stay-at-home māmā into a powerful lifestyle brand, transforming her online following into a lucrative business.

The 30-year-old's profile documents her life as a mum to not one, but two sets of twins sharing the highs and lows of parenting.

"Our life is busy, it's really full-on, but it is all we know - so for me, this is just my life. People always say, 'I don't know how you do it,' and I'm like, 'We don't have a choice. We've just got to do it.'"

Zoe met her husband Junior Fuimaono in 2011 and the couple married in 2013. Not long after, the former flight attendant discovered she was pregnant with her first set of twins.

"I got grounded at 26 weeks, so I haven't worked in a normal job for five years."

It didn't take long before companies came knocking - turning Zoe's hobby into a business.

 "I just post our everyday life and I just share who we are, what we like, what products we like".

Zoe Fuimaono
Zoe Fuimaono. Photo credit: The Hui

Junior also has an Instagram account, 'Blessed in Doubles Dad', and offers support to new fathers and fathers of multiple births.

"I'm just trying to share my knowledge of how to cope with twins and stuff. My audience is predominantly women, and they always ask me questions about their partners like, 'How can my partner do this and help out at home?' So I try and give them as much advice as I can."

They're now an online power couple, sought after as brand ambassadors by global brands like Johnson & Johnson to endorse their products.

 "We actually say no to a lot of things, like probably 60 percent of things we would be like, 'No, we've never used it, we don't like the products,' and we just try and stay long-term and have a small amount of clients."

Zoe Fuimaono
Zoe Fuimaono. Photo credit: The Hui

From baby products to bouncing trampolines, her endorsements are tried and tested at home before getting her seal of approval.

"If I post something, people will ask me everything, what I'm wearing? Where did I get this from? Where did I buy this? How much is it? You name it, I get flooded with questions. We want it to be natural and it has to benefit our audience, otherwise it's a definite no".

It's Zoe's authenticity that's been the key to her social media success. 

"I think they just like that it's real life. It's all the chaos, all the fun and I'm not afraid to say I'm having a bad day".

The Ngati Whakaue and Te Arawa influencer uses her platform to promote the kaupapa she cares about - including positive body image - and has even shared photos of her post-baby body.

 "I think there's a lot of me that I do keep private, but in general I like to share. This is part of what I do and who I am".

The next step in Zoe's journey was empowering wāhine and having the opportunity to speak to them on a deeper level.

 "All women are yearning for that connection. We're so isolated as mothers and we need that face-to-face, we need that body language, we need that eye contact".

It's been a fairytale success story for the Ngati Whakaue and Te Arawa influencer who's candid take on parenthood has attracted a legion of fans. 

"Be myself, share my life, that's it. Nothing more, no catch."

 The Hui


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