Stranger sends new baby clothes to UK mother after finding ruined package

baby clothes and accompanying note
The UK mother said it "restored her faith in humanity". Photo credit: Getty/Facebook/

If you need to hear about a little act of kindness to get you through the week, this story might just be the one. 

A mum from Northern Ireland has thanked a stranger from Kent who has "restored her faith in humanity". 

Caoimhe McConway ordered some clothes for hew newborn daughter Féah, but they never arrived.

Later, she received an unexpected parcel from a stranger.

According to a Facebook post, 'Emily from Kent' explained to McConway her order of baby clothes must have fallen off the delivery truck "as we noticed on the road while walking to school". 

"I would have collected them off the road but they were strewn everywhere and all dirty and oily. The road is a busy one too!" she added. 

Instead, Emily took matters into her own hands, sending a package of new baby clothes for the Irish woman. 

"I took a photo of your address and wanted to send a few babygros for you, which I hope fit your little one," she said.

"Congratulations on your new arrival - always such a  precious time." 

In her Facebook post, McConway wrote: "How amazing is she, a complete stranger? If anyone knows an Emily from Maidstone, tell her she's completely restored my faith in humanity."

The post has racked up over 3000 likes and almost 2500 shares. Commenters from the area began tagging in all the people named Emily they knew - but within a few days, the right woman had been found.

"Thank you, everyone, Emily doesn't have Facebook but her sister contacted me," Mcconway commented on the post.

"Thank you for all your shares and well wishes."


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