Kanoa Lloyd puts the viral washing machine cleaning hack to the test

After a woman's hack for cleaning her "disgusting" washing machine went viral this week, it had to be put to the test. 

Posting in the Aussie Facebook group 'Mums Who Clean', a woman claimed dropping four dishwashing tablets into a washing machine and popping it on a hot wash resulted in all the built-up dirt and mould being scoured off. 

Her photos showed the washing machine full of brown and murky water during the cleaning cycle.  

The Project host Kanoa Lloyd decided to give it a go on Tuesday, where time restrictions of the working day meant she was off to her local laundromat to try it out.  

Lloyd tested two machines at a Grey Lynn laundromat - one running on a regular hot cycle, and the other with the dishwasher tablets dropped in. 

Stopping it halfway through, Lloyd pulled out two glasses filled with liquid from the respective machines, to see how they were looking.

It's fair to say that the washing machine containing the dishwasher tablets was not filled with the scummy, dirty water seen by the original Facebook poster. 

"A little bit soapy and not that dissimilar from the other one," was Lloyd's summation. 

"I'm going to call it and say the dishwasher tablet doesn't do anything... I think it's probably a big fat waste of hot water. So you're welcome - don't waste the time."

However, after the segment, Lloyd did clarify that the test may not work as well in a laundromat where the machines are maintained and used regularly, and so she's planning on giving it a go in her own home. 

We'll wait for her report.