Wedding guest's dress faux pas causes fury online

The bride's story was met by sympathy from other Reddit users.
The bride's story was met by sympathy from other Reddit users. Photo credit: Getty

A frustrated bride in Australia has lashed out online after her sister-in-law committed a wedding faux pas recently. 

The woman posted a photo to Reddit's wedding shaming thread showing her dressed up on her special day. Unfortunately though, she wasn't the only one dressed in white at the event.

"My relative who flew in from overseas to attend my wedding wore a full white beaded gown," the bride wrote on Reddit, posting a photo from the night.

The photo has since been taken down, but not before it was picked up by multiple media outlets. 

 "Oh gosh I'm deleting this post," the bride wrote after another Reddit user told her that her ordeal had made the news.

The photo has since been removed from the thread.
The photo has since been removed from the thread. Photo credit: Reddit

In a later comment on Reddit, the bride elaborated on events leading up to the big day, describing how her sister-in-law caused problems the whole week.

"Who knows if these things are on purpose or maybe subconscious?" she wrote.

Despite her initial anger, the bride maintained that she didn't hold a grudge.

"It was a wonderful day and to be honest it didn't bother me at all."

Her story was met by sympathy from other Reddit users. 

"You look stunning," wrote one person. "Her dress doesn't look particularly nice or flattering. I hope you had a wonderful wedding and didn't let her put a damper on the day."

"That's just wrong. Rude and wrong," wrote someone else.

Another person weighed in, saying: "It doesn't look anything like a wedding dress. Just enjoy your wedding and don't worry about what others are doing, wearing or saying. Nothing to see here people..."

It's certainly not the first time a guest has broken the unspoken rule.

In November, the Reddit community weighed in after photos of an anonymous woman wearing a floor-length, silky white dress were shared to the thread.

The woman had shared a review of the dress - complete with a photo of herself wearing it - to the online store Shien, saying it was the "perfect size".

"I like it so much and I wore this to a wedding and everybody kept looking at me," she gushed in the review. 

"So sexy and simple." 

Needless to say, Reddit users did not respond favourably to her "review".