Woman sparks intense online debate after bizarre tale of date's cake pop gaffe

Dating is tough at the best of time. Stories of first dates can range from a bit hard to horrific, and we've all had an experience that makes us cringe. 

But after a woman recently posted about her date's strange behaviour, opinion has been left split on whether it was acceptable. 

Writer Alisha Rai took to Twitter to recount the tale, explaining she had met the man for a cuppa the day before.

"He asked what I'd like to drink and went and fetched the order," she explained. 

"And he came back with two cake pops and I was like 'aw that's cute!' 

"And then he ate them both. In front of me." 

She then asked her followers: "He's clearly a monster right?"

Cake pops are small, decorated balls of cake on a stick, and it is difficult to see why her date felt like he needed to get himself two, and Rai zero

And to make matters worse, she added that they were "Valentine's cake pops with little hearts on them". 

The post has racked up over 300,000 likes and 23,000 shares, with people fighting it out in the replies over whether the man is indeed a monster or just a dumb boy.

"This guy just gave you an instant snapshot of what marriage to him would be like," wrote one follower 

"We are never seeing him again," another advised. 

But others thought Rai was overreacting. 

"Am I the only person who simply orders what she wants without expecting someone else to cater for me? I would never expect someone else's dessert," wrote one woman. 

"Y'all sound entitled to something you could just as easily go up and pay for yourself," added another. 

It's not the first bad date to make headlines. Last year a woman claimed she was outraged after her date refused to pay for her $180 lobster and wine on their first date.