London studio flat dubbed 'worse than prison' shocks renters with high price tag

tiny London flat
Commenters dubbed the tiny flat "worse than a prison cell". Photo credit: Twitter/@korejay.

Are you a particularly lazy person who likes to be able to reach the kitchen and put a load of washing on, all from the comfort of your bed? Have we got a flat for you!

A minuscule London studio potential renters dubbed similar to a jail cell has shocked the internet with its insane price tag. 

The flat houses a kitchen, toilet and laundry area under the bed - which is only reached by clambering up a steep wooden ladder. 

The "great studio flat" with a "mezzanine sleeping area" is currently on the market to rent for £750 (NZ$1488) per month despite online commenters claiming it's "worse than prison". 

According to the Sun, the north London apartment is priced highly due to its key location "moments from Mornington Crescent Station" in Camden.

The bizarre layout was spotted by Twitter user Korejay who captioned a screenshot of the listing: "Surely there must be some sort of human rights violations going on here."

"Some prisons are more accommodating than this and £754 cheaper," replied one person. 

"Imagine bringing a girl back, asking them to climb up onto the top bunk and ignore the washing machine rattling away, and afterwards climb down and clean themselves up in the kitchen underneath. How degrading," added another. 

The hilarious photos inspired others to post listings of various tiny flats, many of which had very creative uses of space - including one with a toilet in the tiny kitchenette.