People prank partners with realistic PlayStation 5 Instagram filter, chaos and hilarity ensues

Do you want to end your relationship by Christmas? Well, there's a popular new Instagram filter that might do all the work for you. 

People around the world are pranking their gaming-loving partners with the filter that makes it appear as if a Sony PlayStation 5 is sitting in their living rooms - and the results are both tragic and hilarious. 

The PS5 was released in the US and NZ on November 12, but won't hit shelves in the UK until next week. Supply doesn't appear to be meeting demand as the console is sold out almost everywhere, making them a highly desirable gift.

On a thread in popular UK Facebook group Girlsmouth, which has over 150,000 members, one woman encouraged other group members to prank their partners.

Over 1000 women replied with screenshots of the hilarious subsequent text messages. 

"What the f**k is going on," one woman's boyfriend frantically replied to her photo of the PS5 apparently sitting in their lounge. "No seriously, what's going on, it hasn't been released yet."

Another partner asked his girlfriend if she "was for reals" after she told him she had won a unit ahead of time, thanks to an online competition. 

"Oh my God, thank you so much... I'll give you money for it!" the ecstatic boyfriend offered.

People prank partners with realistic PlayStation 5 Instagram filter, chaos and hilarity ensues
Photo credit: Facebook/Girlsmouth.

In another conversation shared online, one girlfriend sent her boyfriend a pic of the unit at the bottom of the stairs with the message: "Omg look what just got delivered. The box is huge! How am I supposed to hide that until Christmas?!"

She then followed it up with: "Omg! Ignore that. I was supposed to send that to [my sister]."

Her emotional partner replied that he didn't "know what to say". 

"I would [have] cried opening that aha but I'm still struggling to hold in my shit now," he said.

"I've gone all weird! I love you so much - I don't deserve that though!"

All the partners commenting on the thread wrote they were hysterical over the prank, with some laughing so hard they were almost unable to type.

Others shared their own PS5 pranks on Twitter, with photos of the realistic-looking filter.

But upon telling their partners it was a prank, many were left in the bad books. 

"Now don't even speak to me you twat! I was thinking too [there’s] no way but it was so believable," one partner replied. 

"I don’t believe it. Why would I fall for that? I hope you feel guilty now."

We're sensing a lot of unsatisfactory gifts coming this Christmas.