DIY do-up: Why now is the time to get your garage organised for summer

  • 14/12/2020
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DIY do-up: Why now is the time to get your garage organised for summer

A long year of lockdowns means many of us have spent more time looking around our houses than ever before. But while our closets have been organised, kitchen cupboards tidied and bathrooms re-vamped, there's a good chance there's one area of your house that has been dramatically overlooked - the garage.

Your garage can easily turn into the 'dump' zone for every household item until it becomes an impenetrable mess of boxes, garden tools, kids' toys and who knows what else.

If you're sick of wading through boxes and miscellaneous tools every morning to get to your car, take advantage of the warmer weather to get your garage organised for summer - it will bring you joy every time you come home.

We would recommend attacking this job early in the day, so things can be stored outside as you get to work. And don't let yourself get too distracted - it can be easy to want to stop and play with that backyard cricket set from 2005, but keep your eyes on the prize. 

DIY do-up: Why now is the time to get your garage organised for summer

A basket case
Got a garage overflowing with miscellaneous items, kid's toys, sports equipment and smaller tools? A few simple wire baskets are a great way to get them off the ground, allowing for more space. In our garage I used Selleys Hold Up adhesive to glue two lots of two hooks to the wall – no drills or power tools required! Then, after the glue had cured, I used the hooks to hang up baskets so we could store cleaning products and sports equipment off the ground. If you have kids, assign each of them their own basket to put their stuff away easily.

Captain hook
Additional hooks are wonderful for hanging all manner of items - from raincoats to those many reusable shopping bags you probably have stashed in the kitchen. To create more storage in my garage recently, I cut a wooden dowel rod to create additional hooks, and used Selleys Hold Up to glue them to the walls. I could then hang up tools and other bits and bobs that were previously just sitting on the floor!

DIY do-up: Why now is the time to get your garage organised for summer

Light it up
Most garages come with one fairly shoddy bulb that does a fairly terrible job of lighting up the large space. A low-cost solution is an LED tube light - which uses much less energy than a standard bulb and can last for 20 years or more. Stick some on the garage wall or on the ceiling using your Selleys Hold Up, and you'll be able to actually see which tools you're reaching for!*

Motion-sensor lights are another great option, especially if you're driving the car in – they ensure you can find your way through the garage before you reach the light switch.

*NOTE: Not for some plastics (PE, PP, PTFE) or some rubbers. Product holds up to 360kg/m2 (cartridge) and 240kg/m2 (tube) on vertical surfaces (e.g. walls). For heavy objects, overhead application and with non-porous materials such as glass & metals it is recommended that additional supports (e.g. clamps) are used during cure as a precaution. Holds instantly but must not be disturbed until cured (at least 48 hours).

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