Woman's BBC interview goes viral after viewers spot X-rated shelf accessory in the background

woman with dildo in background of BBC interview
It's a reminder to all of us to check our backgrounds before our next video meeting. Photo credit: Twitter/@GrantTucker.

This article was first published in January 2021.

We all enjoyed our fair share of 2020 Zoom blunders with children, pets and partners walking through the back of shots - and who can forget the unfortunate toilet trip one student took back in March. 

In 2021, UK woman Yvette Amos has kicked things off in style by accidentally - or perhaps intentionally - leaving a rude object on the shelf behind her whilst being interviewed by BBC Wales about unemployment. 

Eagle-eyed viewers were left in hysterics after spotting a large sex toy on the bookshelf amongst the books and board games behind Amos. 

The image was shared on Twitter by journalist Grant Tucker, who tweeted: "Perhaps the greatest guest background on the BBC Wales news tonight. Always check your shelves before going on air."

The tweet racked up thousands of likes and shares from amused social media users. 

Other women defended Amos, including one tweet which questioned: "How many women reading this don't have one? Very few I bet". 

"If a woman's home alone in lockdown she's gotta do what she's got to do. That item is no more risque than a man having a box of tissues on his shelf," another pointed out. 

"Puritanism alive and well. Maybe she didn't 'check' because she doesn't care?" wrote another.

Others couldn't help but see the funny side. 

"What category of book does that fall under then?" joked one Twitter user. 

The clip also divided the internet on the important issue of whether the item was actually a sex toy or a novelty sculpture.

"Everyone has a dildo on their bookshelf, don't they?" one person questioned. 

It's a reminder to all of us to check our backgrounds before our next video meeting.