'Greedy', 'tacky' request on wedding invite asking for cash slammed online

"Pull out your greens and let it be seen".
"Pull out your greens and let it be seen". Photo credit: Facebook/ That's It I'm Wedding Shaming.

Weddings are expensive, so it's become the norm in recent years for guests to donate a little money to a honeymoon fund or 'wishing well', rather than buy expensive gifts. 

But one Australian couple has been slammed for a "tacky" request for money in their wedding invitations, encouraging guests to withdraw hundreds of dollars to bring along.

A photo of the invite urging guests to "pull out your greens and let it be seen" was posted into a popular Wedding Shaming group on Facebook.

"I feel like the choice of words about the wishing well is a bit tacky? In Australia, 'greens' means $100 notes," the member captioned the post. 

The poem explains the couple's "bank account is in debt" and they would "like it to go back into credit". 

The invite was slammed as "tacky".
The invite was slammed as "tacky". Photo credit: Facebook/That's It I'm Wedding Shaming.

"Please visit the ATM, we know you're a gem. Pull out your greens and let it be seen that your kindness is real when it's given its final seal. So place your cash in our wishing well and make our dreams come true, that will be swell," the poem ends. 

While wishing wells are now common, usually couples include a card indicating it's optional and don't expect their guests to fork out hundreds of dollars - and certainly not attend the wedding via an ATM machine. 

The post racked up hundreds of likes and comments, with fellow wedding shamers slamming it as "greedy". 

"Trashy and embarrassing! Double whammy," one person wrote. 

"I hate everything about this. From that abysmal font that is ubiquitous to the horribly written poem. I wrote better in my peak emo years of middle school," added another. 

"Greedy. I wouldn't be surprised if they had an actual ATM at their wedding," mused another, while someone else joked: "1: Learn to budget. 2: Learn to rhyme."