McDonald's hack: TikTok user shares 'must try' South Korean soft serve iced latte

McDonalds soft-serve coffee creations are taking over social media.
McDonalds soft-serve coffee creations are taking over social media. Photo credit: Instagram - @yeonjoo__oo; TikTok - @adrianwidjy

In 2020, Dalgona whipped coffee was the foodie trend that took social media by storm. This year, video-sharing platform TikTok has pioneered yet another mouth-watering hack for coffee drinkers - one involving the iconic McDonald's soft serve. 

Originating in South Korea, the 'McBassett' takes a Mcdonald's iced latte and adds a soft serve cone on top - similar to an ice cream float, but with coffee instead of fizzy drink. 

The drink is based on a similar concoction called the 'ice cream latte', a drink originating in the South Korean coffee store Paul Bassett. 

According to South Korean media outlet The Smart Local, these specialist cafes are difficult to find outside of Seoul and come at a cost - prompting coffee-craving locals to find cheaper, easier alternatives. 

The indulgent coffee trend, which went viral in Korea and Malaysia, has now finally hit the shores of New Zealand and Australia thanks to TikTok.

Sydney TikTok user @adrianwidjy uploaded a video demonstrating the hack to his 67,000 followers. 

Filmed at his local Hurlstone Park McDonalds, he says the McBassett is a "must try".

"So I saw this going viral in Korea and Malaysia. It’s called the McBassett. I thought I would give it a go," he prefaces the video.

The video then shows him ordering his iced latte and soft serve before dunking the cone upside-down into the drink. 

"Basically it's ice latte [with] soft serve dunked in it, and it's so good."

If you're wanting to recreate the McBassett, a McDonald's iced coffee will set you back $5.10, and a soft serve cone $1.30 - that's $6.40 for a caffeine kick and indulgent dessert in one.