Bridesmaids admonished as 'disrespectful' after pulling prank on Croc-hating bride

bride being surprised with bridesmaids in Crocs
After the bride ordered "no Crocs" at her wedding, her bridesmaids had an unwelcome surprise for her. Photo credit: TikTok.

A group of bridesmaids who pulled a prank on their friend's wedding day are copping backlash online over being 'disrespectful" - but others reckon the bride needs to learn to loosen up. 

After the bride expressly told her bridesmaids "no Crocs" at the wedding - an order I feel should go without saying, personally - her friends coordinated to prank their mate. 

The six bridesmaids all arrived wearing the same lilac shade of plastic footwear to compliment their maroon bridesmaids dresses. 

A video of the prank was posted to TikTok by bridesmaid Gabby, where it's racked up almost 9 million views. 

In the clip, the look on the bride's face as she spots the alternative footwear crosses from confusion to absolute devastation as the bridesmaids all crack up. 

But many commenters did not see the funny side. 

"The disrespect is real... you would not be in my pictures," one outraged TikToker commented.

"You could see the disappointment in the bride's face," added another

"Y'all know it's not your wedding right?" another pointed out. 

"I would be absolutely livid," another wrote.

But others thought both the commenters and the bride herself needed to chill out. 

"Imagine being so upset about shoes you let it ruin your big day, or your friendship," one person wrote. 

"This is not something to be pressed over... I would have laughed so hard!" another wrote. 

The debate raged online until Gabby felt motivated to post another video, explaining the aftermath. 

She explained that they had only worn the controversial shoes for the photos, and donned bride-approved classy heels for the ceremony and reception. 

In official photos, the bride seems to have finally seen the funny side - and hopefully didn't let the Crocs ruin her happiest of days.