Mortified mum discovers 6yo daughter leaving orders for cleaner

young girl writing note to cleaner
We can only hope the cleaner saw the funny side. Photo credit: TikTok/Getty Images.

Any parent has had experiences where your child has left you red-faced, from asking inappropriate questions in public to full-blown meltdowns in the supermarket queue. 

But one mortified US mother has shared the embarrassing discovery she made in recent years: The hilarious notes her then-six-year-old daughter was leaving for their cleaner. 

Mum-of-two @movementonyourshoulder shared a photo of one of the hilarious notes in a video that has now racked up over 4 million views. 

Her daughter had left a Barbie doll out with the accompanying note: "Put pants on my doll". 

"When the lady who cleans my house texted me to let me know my six-year-old had started leaving her instructions," the embarrassed mother captioned the video. 

After the video went viral among amused TikTokkers, she posted a follow-up video, showing images of the other notes left by her demanding daughter, which had been texted to her by the cleaner - who hopefully saw the funny side.

"Welcome. Make a checklist of everything I told you to do and if you do the things check it off and leave it in my room please [sic]," one letter attached to the daughter's bedroom door read.

"Make the desk pretty, please," another, more concise note read. 

A more creative offering had both smiling and sad faces as an indicator of the young girl's emotional reaction to cleaning. 

"If you did it, thank you so much you are nice. If you did not, so sad now I have to do all of it," that note read. 

The mum didn't reveal how the cleaner reacted, but commenters definitely loved the orders. 

"With all the effort writing notes she may as well have spent the time cleaning her room," one person pointed out. 

These are absolutely hilarious, I was laughing out loud," another wrote.

"My mum cleans houses and I swear if she saw these she would have done it," revealed another.