Aussie mum posts warning to others after Kmart scales randomly 'explode'

shattered scales from kmart
"Well if that's not motivation to lose weight, I don't know what is," one person commented. Photo credit: Kmart Mums.

An Australian woman has posted a warning to others after her set of Kmart scales randomly exploded, even with nobody standing on them. 

Posting in Facebook group 'Kmart Mums', Medowie woman Meg Louise said she had bought the scales from Kmart six months ago. 

"Last night no-one was standing on it, and it exploded," she wrote, including photos of the shattered Bluetooth Body Analysis Scale. 

It appears nobody was hurt during the explosion, but according to Aussie news outlets, it's not the first time it's happened. 

In January this year, shocked mother Kafa Mustafa Teazis told Kispot she was moving her Kmart digital glass scales in her bathroom when they unexpectedly shattered, throwing shards of glass across the tiles and into a nearby bedroom.

According to site Constructions Specifier, glass can spontaneously break if it heats or cools rapidly.

Meg Louise's post racked up over 200 comments from other Kmart-loving mums, many of whom could see the funny side.

"Well if that's not motivation to lose weight, I don't know what is," one person wrote. 

"Maybe it does it when you hit your goal weight so that you know you don't need it anymore," added another. 

"My scales when they see me coming. They'd rather die," another joked. 

"I think your scale is telling you that you are perfect and are no longer required to weigh yourself," observed another. 

The same scales are listed on the Kmart NZ website, retailing at $29.