Kiwis baffled over strange drink named as 'common thing in NZ'

A glass of Pepsi Max mixed with milk - also known as a 'brown cow'.
A glass of Pepsi Max mixed with milk - also known as a 'brown cow'. Photo credit: Twitter / Thomas Nguyen

Kiwis have been ridiculed online after a social media user shared a bizarre drink combination and called it an "apparent common thing" in New Zealand.

The combination - a glass of Pepsi Max mixed with milk - has freaked social media users out, while others reacted in defence.

"So I brought my boyf a Pepsi Max and a glass of milk in bed, before watching in horror as he mixed the two to form a 'brown cow', an apparent common thing in NZ," Thomas Nguyen tweeted on Friday.

A Brown Cow cocktail is a mix of Kahlúa coffee liqueur and milk.

One person said it tasted like a spider - coke with vanilla ice cream - a popular childhood treat.

"I've had it before. It actually tastes amazing. Like a spider but with the ice cream all melted. Obviously you have to drink it quick because milk but yeah, it's wonderful."

Others were absolutely convinced it's absolutely not a thing.

"I say this as a New Zealander," one said. "What. And I cannot say this loudly enough. The f**k. Is that monstrosity?"

"Am a Kiwi. That's the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life," another said.

Another even doubted his place of residence, and said this debauchery sounds a bit more like he's Australian.

"I've been away from New Zealand for about 17 years but I can say with absolute conviction this is NOT a thing," they said.

"I'm dubious he is even a Kiwi. It sounds like the kind of sick debauchery that goes on in the outback of Oz. Check his passport."