Auckland man catches courier driver urinating in his driveway after delivering package

An Auckland man is gobsmacked after capturing a courier urinating on his property moments after dropping off a package.

In security footage supplied to Newshub, the courier - a temporary driver for a prominent electronic supplies company - can be seen walking to the door with a cardboard box.

After dropping the package at the door and spending a few moments scrolling on his phone, the driver then walks toward a nearby carport.

He stops one step short of going in before leaning his left hand against a fence, pulling his fly down with his right, and relieving himself right next to the recycling bins.

The property owner told Newshub he couldn't believe what he was seeing when he watched the footage back.

Asked whether he thought it was appropriate, he replied "absolutely not - even my neighbour's cat shouldn't be allowed to wee on my lawn".

And his advice for other couriers was simple: "Do your job, deliver the goods and don't defecate on other people's property."

The courier dropped the package at the door before relieving himself against a fence.
The courier dropped the package at the door before relieving himself against a fence. Photo credit: Supplied

After sending footage of the emergency urination situation to the company, they replied explaining he was a temporary driver and would be "having a discussion with our branch manager".

"Please know this behaviour is not tolerated," they told him.

The video follows hot on the heels of a series of videos showing Aramex and NZ Post couriers throwing packages from their cars rather than walking up to doors in apparent attempts to save time.

In April, a former delivery driver told Newshub of a culture of bungled deliveries, mishandled packages and poor health and safety regulations in their previous job.