Revealed: The most 'Instagrammable' breakfast food

Brunch being photographed
Something to keep in mind if you want to rack up some likes at brunch this weekend. Photo credit: Getty Images.

Sometimes it feels like social media is just a home for foodie pics - cocktails, fancy dinners and of course, brunch. 

If you're obsessed with getting that stunning shot of avocado toast or that perfect bagel break, you're not alone. 

The hashtag '#breakfast' has over 105,093,965 Instagram tags, alongside 30,903,453 Instagram tags for #brunch. 

UK cookware experts Green Pan decided to look into which breakfast foods are the most Instagrammable, creating a list of 64 ranked best breakfast foods, and inputting each one into Instagram to discover the number of hashtags generated.

According to the study, pancakes are most loved by foodies to photograph. This worldwide breakfast favourite has 12,290,161 hashtags on Instagram.

Showing that perhaps breakfast lovers have a sweet tooth, second place goes to Belgian waffles. The fluffy brekkie treat has been tagged 5,405,896 times. 

Nutritious fave oatmeal is next on the list, with croissants coming in fourth. 

While no good brunch is complete without a mimosa, the researchers clarified they didn't include breakfast drinks like coffee, juice, or Bloody Marys in their study.