Vegan activist Tash Peterson storms Louis Vuitton, claims shoppers support 'animal holocaust'

Notorious vegan activist Tash Peterson has staged another headline-grabbing protest, this time outside the very same Louis Vuitton she was kicked out of just days before. 

According to 7 News, Peterson was kicked out of a Perth LV store on August 21 after staging a protest dressed in only a G-string and smeared in what she claimed was her own menstrual blood. 

On Monday she posted a video to Instagram of another protest staged just days later at the same store, this time fully clothed but shouting the same statements at shoppers. 

In the caption, Peterson wrote the luxury goods store "had blood on their hands". 

"Who was murdered for your leather bag, down jacket and woollen jumper? If you purchase animal skin, fur, wool, feathers, scales and silk you are paying for the most horrific animal abuse on this planet," she captioned the clip.

"You are supporting a holocaust!"

The 26-year-old was joined by other protestors holding placards reading "lives over luxury" and "animal abuse is not fashion".

In an later post, Peterson revealed the authorities had charged her with "disorderly conduct" for her protest but vowed "never to stop" until the "animal holocaust ends". 

Peterson has previously made headlines for a series of shocking protests, including earlier this month when she dressed as a cow and stormed a supermarket yelling at people they were supporting "rape and murder".

She has also been banned from every pub in Western Australia for harassing patrons.