Vegan activist Tash Peterson yells about 'rape and murder' dressed as cow in supermarket, clashes with staff

A vegan activist known for staging confronting protests has posted video showing her clashing with supermarket staff while dressed as a cow and yelling at shoppers about the dairy industry. 

Tash Peterson has previously made headlines for her controversial protests against the consumption of animal products, including earlier this year entering a Melbourne KFC and pouring red paint over the floor.

In a recent protest which Newshub understands took place in Melbourne, Peterson, known as 'Vegan Booty' on Instagram, painted herself with cow markings and stood in the meat aisle of a local supermarket holding a sign that read: "They raped me and stole my babies". 

Shouting at startled supermarket shoppers, Petron asked if they knew what happens to cows on farms, "so you can consume their breast milk"? 

"They are artificially inseminated and raped to become pregnant, so they can produce [milk]," Peterson yells in the video on her Instagram account. 

"When she gives birth after a nine-month pregnancy her babies are immediately taken away from her, [and] her daughters endure the same life of slavery and repeated rape." 

Peterson said farm animals like cows, chickens and pigs are "just as sentient and intelligent as your beloved dogs and cats". 

"Why are you paying for animal abuse and murder? I'm sure all of you would say you love animals and you'd go against animal abuse. Yet every day you pay people to shoot them in the head, slit their throats and force them into murder factories." 

It was at this point supermarket staff stepped in, telling Peterson to move along and attempting to grab the sign out of her hands.

"Get out of the shop," one worker told Peterson while she continued to yell that fellow shoppers "have the right to know the truth". 

She told workers: "I'm not leaving until you stop selling products of animal cruelty". 

"Stop making profit off animal abuse." 

One supermarket worker attempted to yell over Peterson that she had "got [her] point across".

The response from shoppers was mixed: Some ignored Peterson and continued to shop around her, while others gathered to watch. 

Her message obviously didn't stick with one shopper, who joyfully waved a large cooked ham behind Peterson during the protest.