Bride reveals she has 'no regrets' over holding wedding during pandemic, despite most guests catching COVID-19

She called it the "happiest day of their lives", others called it a "super-spreader event".
She called it the "happiest day of their lives", others called it a "super-spreader event". Photo credit: Getty Images.

It's said to be one of the most important days of your life, but guests at one US wedding will remember it for all the wrong reasons. 

Posting on Facebook, the bride thanked guests for coming to her wedding the week beforehand, while revealing almost everyone at the nuptials caught COVID-19.

"One week ago was the best day of our lives and despite the absolute mess of COVID spreading I would relive it again and again," she wrote in the brazen post. 

The bride apologised to everyone that had caught the deadly virus, before justifying why she didn't feel guilty for holding a large event during a pandemic. 

"We broke no rules as there are no restrictions [and] we didn't force anyone to go [as] it was everyone's personal choice," she wrote. 

"Some people have made us feel guilty for what happened, but this was nothing we anticipated. We point no fingers, as we know this was a risk."

The bride then revealed she and her new husband were being forced to quarantine separately, and included a prayer that they didn't have to postpone their honeymoon. 

"If we can get through this, honey we can get through it all," she added alongside a winking emoji. 

The post was screenshotted and shared to a popular wedding-shaming Reddit by a friend of the bride, who called it the "super-spreader event of the year". 

The post quickly went viral with shocked Reddit users chiming in. 

"How tone-deaf is this woman?" one person asked. 

"I don't really care about the people who went to this wedding in a plague pit, but I do feel bad for all the innocent people who got it from this event," another pointed out. 

"Whatever, she had a good time. And maybe the husband will survive, but if not - she'll do it again!! See you in 2023, don't bring the same gifts again," a third joked.