Woman's TikTok video of confrontation from playground 'Karen' over revealing sports bra has viewers crying fake

woman being confronted after hanging upside down
"Academy award-worthy this ain't." Photo credit: TikTok/@gettishow.

There is no doubt that videos of conservative 'Karens' confronting exercisers, mask wearers and shopping mall security all tend to go viral on social media app TikTok for obvious reasons: They're usually pretty amusing. 

So one aspirational TikTok star's valiant effort to go viral with a video of her arguing with a woman for "flashing her sports bra" has racked up millions of views -  but caused many viewers to cringe.

TikTokker Getti, aka @gettishow, posted footage of an alleged confrontation between her and another park-goer, after hula-hooping while hanging from her legs on a set of monkey bars - an impressive enough effort in itself. 

In the clip the fellow park-goer confronts Getti for being "half-naked", attempting to grab her hoop in the process. 

Her issue seems to be with Getti showing her sports bra, despite the 'Karen' character being dressed in a tight skirt and low cut sheer blouse herself. 

"I can't believe you're doing this in our neighbourhood park with almost no clothing," she yells. "That is totally revealing." 

Throughout the argument, filmed from various angles by members of Getti's family members - or perhaps production crew - the women continue to yell at each other, before the angry park-goer grabs the hula hoop and throws it on the ground.

"Find somewhere else to bare your belly," she then snaps, leaving Getti and her family to exit the park.

"I am still shaken by this!" Getti captioned the video, adding the hashtag "#spreadkindnessnothate". 

The stilted nature of the 'heated' argument was not lost on many viewers.

While some lept to Getti's defence and told her she handled the alleged confrontation well, others called the whole scenario "cringe". 

"This can't be real," one person wrote. 

"This feels like a skit," another agreed. 

"This isn't real and the comments are hurting me inside," added another. 

"Academy award-worthy this ain't," wrote another. 

Despite the feedback, Getti replied to comments insisting the video was real and not faked 

However since it was uploaded she has posted several other videos of 'random kind gestures' and 'hilarious pranks', perhaps in a further effort to gain viewers. 

Either way, she achieved her mission - the video of the park confrontation has racked up over 2.4 million views at the time of publishing.