Neve interrupts Jacinda Ardern's Facebook Live after 'escaping' during bedtime

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was adorably interrupted by her daughter Neve during a Facebook Live update on New Zealand's COVID-19 response.

Ardern took to Facebook on Monday evening to describe the new traffic light system, which the country is set to move to once all DHBs reach 90 percent fully vaccinated.

But three-year-old Neve gatecrashed her broadcast after she'd wandered out of bed.

"You're meant to be in bed darling," Ardern said, turning away from the camera to talk to Neve.

"It's bedtime darling. Pop back to bed, I'll come and see you in a second."

Ardern's mum, Laurell, then came to the rescue to put Neve back to bed.

"Well, that was a bedtime fail, wasn't it?" Ardern said.

She told viewers she thought she'd found a "safe moment" for her Facebook Live and asked parents if they'd ever had issues with their children "escaping three or four times" after their bedtime.

Ardern continued her Facebook Live and talked about the COVID-19 response again. She was discussing the Waikato outbreak when Neve once again popped into the room.

"I'm sorry darling, it is taking so long," Ardern told her daughter, before telling viewers she'd end the Facebook Live there to put Neve to bed because it was "way past her bedtime".

But she said she might do an "extended, uninterrupted version" of the update she intended to give later in the week.

It isn't the first time the three-year-old has interrupted her mum's prime ministerial duties. Last month, Ardern had to intervene after Neve snuck out of Premier House to play on a newly-installed trampoline unsupervised.

Ardern's fiance, Clarke Gayford, posted a photo to Twitter showing the Prime Minister talking to Neve through the opening of the trampoline.

"It's not every day you see Wonder Woman being told off by a Prime Minister for sneaking out of the house to use her new trampoline, but these are the crazy times we live in I guess," he said.