Stay-at-home daughter Roma Abdesselam's lavish lifestyle as unemployed 26-year-old who lives off wealthy parents

Roma Abdesselam eating and shopping
The 26-year-old unemployed woman makes a living - off her parents. Photo credit: @therealsahd / TikTok / Instagram

You've heard of a stay-at-home mother and stay-at-home father, but one New York woman is making a living as a professional "stay-at-home daughter" - I think I've found my calling in life?

Roma Abdesselam, 26, enjoys a lavish lifestyle of shopping sprees, fine dining, haute couture and Pilates - funded entirely by her wealthy parents' bank accounts.

As an unemployed, self-proclaimed "full-time stay-at-home daughter", Abdesselam's job description includes swiping Daddy Warbucks' Amex Black cards and racking up exorbitant receipts at high-end fashion houses and five-star restaurants, as well as being whisked away for weekends at luxurious resorts in Europe.

The 26-year-old has amassed a significant following online by documenting her outrageously opulent lifestyle as a kept child - including splashing NZ$81,000 in one day at a high-end department store. 

Clips of Abdesselam's day-to-day life have garnered millions of views on the video-sharing platform TikTok, feeding the average Joe's fascination with the lives of the rich and famous. While many viewers have admitted their intrigue in how the other half live - with some clearly green with envy - the woman is often crucified for her indulgent way of life and extravagant spending. 

Speaking to the New York Post, the 26-year-old - who has been unemployed for two years - argued that her online presence isn't meant to be taken too seriously, noting she has a "self-deprecating and satirical" sense of humour.

"I've turned spending [my parents'] money as a stay-at-home daughter into a job, and that's been very, very fun for me," Abdesselam told the New York Post.

"Every day I wake up in the morning, have breakfast, go to a workout class and go shopping with my girlfriends at Bergdorf's [Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury department store on Fifth Avenue]. And that's my life being unemployed."

The 26-year-old has refused to reveal her parents' professions, but claimed she has been cut off financially in the past for frittering too much of their cash.

In one recently trending clip titled, 'Stay-at-home daughter: What I spend in a day pt. 3', Abdesselam revealed just how much cash she will splash on self-indulgences in a regular day.

Sharing her antics with her 630,000 followers earlier this month, Abdesselam admitted she had spent US$600 on "new eyebrows" before "getting drunk" at a bar and hitting the shops.

"I went to Cos Bar and picked up some of my favourite perfumes and skincare products," she continued. "At Cos Bar, I spent US$1353.38 (NZ$2172.34)."

She then spent a staggering US$2221 (NZ$3564) on threads at Zimmerman, $2774.28 (NZ$4460) on lingerie at Agent Provocateur and a further $2264.81 (NZ$3635) on clothing from Intermix. She then shelled out $100 for a semi-private Pilates class before treating herself to snacks at a bodega.

At the end of the day, Abdesselam had splurged US$9326 (NZ$14,969) - an amount backed up by a series of receipts she shared in the jaw-dropping clip.

Speaking to the outlet, Abdesselam admitted that some days she will spend as much as US$50,000 (NZ$80,256) on clothing, accessories and keeping up with the high life. 

"Are your parents looking to adopt another daughter?" one viewer quipped, to which Abdesselam replied: "They can't afford the current one I think."

"Do u need a sister, I volunteer," said another, with Abdesselam responding: "I have one, she's OK."

"You need a bestie, girl? Don't even want anything I just want to first-hand witness this LMAO," a third joked.

Stay-at-home daughter Roma Abdesselam's lavish lifestyle as unemployed 26-year-old who lives off wealthy parents
Photo credit: @therealsahd / Instagram

But others have viciously condemned the 26-year-old's frivolous frittering on the latest fashion and five-star food, noting the money could be funnelled into far more important causes, including charity and philanthropy. 

Abdesselam told the New York Post she donates to several international charities, including a school in Israel "that teaches Palestinian and Israeli kids Arabic and Hebrew together", as well as a school in Jamaica. 

Despite being unemployed for two years, the 26-year-old said she is now earning her own steady income through her social media platforms, including sponsored content and advertisements for fashion and beauty brands.