Ryan Bridge reveals 'gross' hygiene habit and makes his co-hosts cringe

Look, we all have a habit or two we probably wouldn't reveal to others, given the choice. Humans are gross, after all: a study published in 1995 found 91 percent of respondents stuffed their fingers up their schnozzes, so yes, we're all disgusting. 

With that being said, some habits are certainly more cringe-inducing than others - and AM co-host Ryan Bridge made a rather startling admission about his own questionable quirk during a segment on Friday morning.

Following a discussion about Bridge's upcoming bike trip with his mum and brother, the co-hosts began debating the things that simply shouldn't be shared with others - no matter how close you might be - for hygiene purposes.

The conversation arose after Bridge said he'd shot down the suggestion of borrowing his dad's activewear for the trip, adding that he wouldn't dream of wearing clothes someone else had "been sweating in for the last year".

Discussing their own personal no-nos, stand-in host Oriini Kaipara said she wouldn't share her bras, while Melissa Chan-Green admitted that borrowing someone else's hairbrush was a hard-and-fast no. 

While the three agreed togs and undies should be off-limits, Bridge noted he borrowed a pair of togs from Chan-Green's husband last summer. Although Bridge thought there was nothing wrong with sharing boardies between bros, Chan-Green had a different view, admitting she found it "gross".

"Toothbrush?" Bridge next suggested, to exclamations of disgust from his co-hosts.

"Ew - yeah, no, don't share your toothbrush," Chan-Green cringed.

"I actually do share my toothbrush, with my partner - it is a bit gross," Bridge revealed sheepishly. 

"That is disgusting," Chan-Green said.

Watch the video above.