DoorDash reveals Wellington's favourite orders between 10pm and 3am

Composite - person ordering DoorDash delivery, backdrop of Wellington City
The delivery service has revealed Wellywood's five most popular orders from 10pm to 3am. Photo credit: Getty Images / Supplied

We've all fallen victim to the midnight munchies; from a snack while studying to a post-pub grilled cheese or a cheeky drive-through Maccas, food just hits different during the wee hours.

And when it comes to those nighttime nibbles, Wellington is where it's at. The Windy City is bustling with late-night eateries catering for all cravings, but what meals are proving the most popular among its inhabitants? 

Offering the eats of a wide range of merchants across Wellington City, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt, DoorDash delivers countless meals to its customers at all hours of the day. If you're wondering what to get for your next Friday night feed, the delivery service has revealed Wellywood's five most popular orders from 10pm to 3am. 

Hot chips

Ah, the humble hot chip - an ever-reliable snack with a legion of stalwart supporters. Whether thin and salty or thick-cut and crispy, it won't be a surprise to anyone that hot chips are among Wellingtonians' top five favourite late-night foods. 


Nothing satisfies a post-clubbing craving quite like a burger at 2am. With DoorDash offering a range of local hotspots, like RE Burger and Gorilla Burger - plus fast-food favourites such as KFC - burgers are a widely loved option among Wellington's late-night crowd. 


Taking out the third spot - the much-loved burrito. Adaptable to all preferences with its wide range of fillings, a burrito is an ideal post-fiesta fix. The Mexican staple is also a great option for vegetarians, typically packed with ingredients such as beans, shredded lettuce, cheese, onion, tomatoes and sour cream.

Honey chicken noodles

Noodle Canteen has long been a firm favourite in Aotearoa, so it's no surprise their famous honey chicken noodles are the second most popular snack between 10pm and 3am in the Windy City. Late-night customers love the battered chicken slathered in honey sauce, plus the wok-tossed vegetables and tasty noodles - yum. 

Mixed meat on chips

Taking out the top spot, mixed meat on chips - a kebab shop staple - holds a special place in the hearts of hungry partygoers and Wellington's population of penny-pinching students. Sometimes referred to as a snack pack - particularly across the ditch - the dish consists of meat such as lamb, chicken or beef and chips, as well as different sauces like chilli, garlic and barbecue. The classic combo is offered by a host of merchants throughout the city, making it a readily available option to cure any late-night craving.

DoorDash, the United States' largest on-demand local delivery platform, officially arrived on our shores in May, offering a similar service to competitors such as UberEats by connecting merchants and restaurants with their customers via an easy-to-use marketplace app. 

DoorDash is currently only available in Christchurch and Wellington - widely considered New Zealand's favourite food city - and the adjacent Upper Hutt and Lower Hutt, as well as Porirua and Johnsonville. It's unclear when DoorDash will be rolled out nationwide, but it's understood there are plans to bring the service to Auckland over the next year.