Australian traffic controller claims she earns $3500 per week

Paris Taylor
Paris Taylor has around 60,000 followers on TikTok. Photo credit: TikTok / paristaylor121

A TikTok video from an Australian traffic controller revealing how much she earns in a week has gone viral.

Paris Taylor reportedly claimed her earnings on construction sites in the Gold Coast were several thousand dollars per week in the video, which has since been removed but was viewed by

In the popular post on her @paristaylor121 account, she claimed she worked 9.5 hours on the Monday and made AU$680, while on Tuesday she claimed to have worked an hour less and earned AU$580, according to

On Wednesday and Thursday she said she earned AU$800 after working 10.5 hours.

She worked another 8.5 hours on Friday and earned AU$580, she reportedly claimed, bringing home a total of AU$3500 for the five day week.

"You'll get a job easily," she told her TikTok audience, according to

In the video, Taylor reportedly said it takes one day to become qualified and all you need is to complete a course for traffic controlling, and a white card which allows you to work in construction sites over Australia.

Comments on Taylor's video were mixed.

"How long is the course and stuff? I'm looking for a new job. Didn't realise the money was that good," said one TikTok commenter.

Another added: "I would stand out in 30 degree weather for this type of money."

"No dramas until there's no work for six months. Not a stable job," said another. 

Some expressed skepticism at Taylor's claims.

"$70/odd an hour for a traffic controller? I doubt it," one Facebook user said.

"My hubby is casual and a traffic control worker and is on $30 ph. I call BS," said another.

The average traffic control salary is AU$82,851 per year in Australia based on 17 salaries, according to

However, not all traffic controllers have something positive to say about the job.

In November last year Maria Kefalas posted a TikTok video where she labelled her job in Sydney as "inconsistent".

The woman earned AU$2000 for a week's work but said a con to the job was having to work in the rain, and that shifts could be cut off because of it.

"What people don't tell you is you can work that whole week from Monday to Friday and get that much money but then you could have a whole month with no work," she said last year.

Kefalas said sometimes there was no guarantee there would be shifts available for her.