Singapore man sues woman for more than $3m for 'friend-zoning' him

Singapore man sues woman for more than $3m for 'friend-zoning' him
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A Singapore man is suing a woman for more than S$3 million (NZ$3.58m) after claiming she caused him trauma by 'friendzoning' him.

According to the Washington Post, the man - identified as drone racing executive K. Kawshigan - launched a defamation lawsuit against a woman who had rejected his romantic interest.

Kawshigan claims he "sustained trauma" and "reductions in his earning capacity" because of this.

According to court documents, he is suing the woman, identified as Nora Tan, for millions of dollars to cover the cost of "rehabilitation and therapy programmes to overcome the sustained trauma".

Kawshigan is also suing her over the loss of earnings and investments.

He also reportedly filed a second lawsuit against a magistrates' court asking for S$17,000 (NZ$20,300) after claiming the woman breached an agreement to improve their relationship by stopping attending counselling sessions. reported that Tan continued to reject Kawshigan romantically, resulting in him filing the two lawsuits.

The second lawsuit was dismissed by deputy registrar Lewis Tran who said it was "manifestly groundless and without foundation".

According to The Guardian, court documents said Tan attended counselling sessions for 18 months with Kawshigan before cutting ties.

"While the defendant had hoped that the counselling sessions would help the claimant come to terms with her decision to not pursue a romantic relationship with him, this was not the result.

"Faced with repeated requests and demands for more frequent meetings and deeper conversations, the defendant decided in May 2022 to cease all contact with the claimant," the court documents said.

The lawsuit will be heard in a Singapore court next week.