UK Megan Fox-lookalike makes up to $50,000 per month on OnlyFans

Taylor Ryan and Megan Fox composite
Photo credit: _lifeoftaylor / Instagram

A former barista and delivery driver says she is making up to NZ$50,000 per month after realising she could capitalise on her resemblance to Hollywood heartthrob Megan Fox.

Taylor Ryan, a 25-year-old from Devon, England, began creating content for the popular subscription service OnlyFans five years ago while working as a driver for Amazon and a barista for the café chain Costa.

Speaking to South West News Service (SWNS), Ryan said she began to emulate Fox's style and trademark makeup after friends and fans pointed out her more than passing resemblance to the Transformers' star, now 36. 

Picking up her penchants for winged eyeliner and leather, Ryan slowly transformed her wardrobe and started basing her look on that of the actor, who cut her teeth in projects such as Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen and Hope & Faith. 

Ryan, who was already active on OnlyFans, realised she could milk the resemblance for money - and in 2020 started modelling herself on the actress. She told SWNS that one fan even paid her almost $500 to film herself bending over and opening a car bonnet in a bra and Daisy Dukes, as Fox's character Mikaela Banes did in the 2007 Michael Bay film. Most of her one-time requests are Transformers-related, she noted. 

"It's kind of laughable when I say I look like Megan Fox - I mean, it's Megan Fox. But people on TikTok started saying it and commented on my posts. Once the comments started coming in, I started wearing my hair extensions more and wearing a cat eye," she told the news service. 

Claiming to have earned £25,000 (NZ$50,000) in December alone, Ryan stressed that she works hard for her money and that OnlyFans, while lucrative, isn't an easy job despite the common misconceptions. 

As a content creator, Ryan said she often works late into the night - sometimes until 4am - and feels obligated to be constantly 'switched on' and connected to her fans. A significant amount of her time is also spent on administration, she said - but her six-figure yearly salary makes it worthwhile.

"The late nights, they suck. It's the feeling you already have to be on it or have to stay somewhat engaged to the page."

Although the 25-year-old hopes to continue her work in the sex industry, she eventually wants to evolve into a full-time coach and mentor for other women wanting to make a good living on platforms like OnlyFans. 

She currently runs her own company, SX, to teach budding creators how to become successful on the site, including tips on making content, social media marketing, and finding their niche in a highly competitive and saturated market.