Vegan family's pleading letter to neighbour sparks fierce debate

Stock image of window looking onto neighbour's house, inset photo of the letter
The letter has drawn a divided response online. Photo credit: Hey Perth / Facebook, Getty Images

A vegan family has sparked fierce debate on social media over a letter they sent to their neighbours asking them to close their windows while they cooked, in the hope it would prevent the smell of meat wafting into their home. 

The neighbours, from Perth, Western Australia, shared the letter to the community group 'Hey Perth' on Facebook to gauge how others would react to the request.

According to the photo, the note was put in an envelope titled, "Please take seriously", while the contents of the letter pleaded with the neighbours to "contain the aroma of meat" to their household. 

"Hello neighbour, could you please shut your side window when cooking please," the complainant, named Sarah, began. 

"My family are vegan (we eat only plant-based foods) and the smell of the meat you cook makes us feel sick and upset. 

"We would appreciate your understanding. Thanks."

A photo of the letter
A photo of the letter was shared to Facebook. Photo credit: Hey Perth / Facebook

The letter has drawn a divided response from the community group. While some defended Sarah and noted her letter was politely-worded, others sided with the neighbours and criticised the family for imposing their lifestyle on others. 

"I'd be sending them a letter back saying you should close your windows instead if you don't like the smell," said one, with a second agreeing: "Write back and say you're offended and sad by what they said about your cooking and could they please move to a different room as you would appreciate their understanding."

Alternatively, one woman implored the neighbours to meet the simple request, adding: "What is wrong with some people! They're simply asking for a different window to be open that isn't adjacent to their home."

Whether or not the neighbours decided to acquiesce to the request isn't known.