Australian bride reveals 'disgusting' reason her husband asked for divorce after wedding night

  • 02/07/2023
Stock image of bride and groom cake-topper figurines, bride smashing cake into groom's face
"I was married for not even 24 hours before my husband divorced me." Photo credit: Getty Images

"I was married for not even 24 hours before my husband divorced me."

That's what an Australian bride said happened to her after she didn't give her new husband "what he wanted".

When Rachel, from Sydney, and her new husband got back to their hotel room after celebrating their wedding night, he wanted sex. However she was tired and said no - and she says he was left furious when it didn't happen.

The morning after, the man demanded a divorce - which led to the newlyweds officially splitting just two weeks after tying the knot, Rachel told Abbie Chatfield's Hit Network radio show.

"We were tired. I didn't want to, and the next day he wanted a divorce," she said.

The Hot Nights host was shocked by Rachel's story, labelling the groom "revolting" and "disgusting".

"What a revolting man," said Chatfield. "Also, I've heard a lot of people don't have sex on their wedding night, because you're so tired.

"What an awful, disgusting man. Men are revolting."

Rachel added the shocking divorce left her "miserable" and that she "couldn't wait" to get away from her new husband.

Video of the radio interview soon went viral online, with many throwing their support behind Rachel and assuring her she'd "dodged a bullet".

"Men like him deserve to stay single," said one. "This is absolutely insane. What a piece of sh*t guy."

"OMG, that's cooked," another wrote, with a third weighing in: "You don't owe sex to anyone, not even your husband."

"My husband cried about how much he loved me then fell asleep while I removed 83 bobbypins from my hair," one bride shared, with another adding: "My husband was too tired after unbuttoning the 300000000 buttons on the back of my dress to get me out of it - so romantic really."