Kiwis respond to special 'NZ sandwich' for Rugby World Cup at French workplace

  • 15/09/2023
There's been a mixed bag of reactions.
There's been a mixed bag of reactions. Photo credit: Reddit

A special New Zealand-inspired sandwich to celebrate the Rugby World Cup at a workplace in France has received a mixed bag of reactions from Kiwis.  

The sandwich, or burger, features what appears to be charcoal buns filled with cod, mayonnaise, gherkins, lettuce and radish, according to the label advertising the creation. 

Kiwis have reacted on Reddit to the sandwich, with one asking the original poster to try the sammy and give their verdict - however, they are "not a fan of cod."

Based on its appearance, many Kiwis have given their honest thoughts - with one user saying they'd "give it a go."

Another suggested the workplace should've gone with a classic spaghetti toasted sammy instead. Others enjoyed the black buns, pointing to the All Blacks' theme.   

"Looks cool, good on them for trying out an all-black theme," said one.  

"I guess they were going for 'all black'. Kinda cool!" said another.   

Though one Reddit user was brutal with their thoughts, writing: "Look about the same as we played, shit."

"Foul, what the f***," said another.   

One Reddit user concluded that for €4 (NZ$7.20), the sandwich "looks like a f***ing bargain."