National leader Christopher Luxon reveals the groceries in his $60 weekly supermarket shop

Split-screen of Christopher Luxon and Weet-Bix
The incoming Prime Minister has shared what his shopping list looks like. Photo credit: Newshub / Getty Images

Incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon has revealed what he buys in his infamously frugal weekly supermarket shop.  

The National Party leader made headlines after claiming his shop costs just $60 per week - much to the amusement of many.  

With the cost of living crisis causing grocery prices to skyrocket over the last year, a number of people expressed their shock at Luxon's supposed $60 bill - questioning where he purchased his items from and what he was buying. 

It comes as New Zealanders revealed they had been cutting back on their favourite items at the supermarket just to get by. Food prices increased 8 percent in the 12 months ending in September, according to Stats NZ's latest food price index.

When asked on Mai FM to set the record straight, Luxon hit back: "The question I was asked was, 'What do you spend at the supermarket each week?'

"The point is that I spend a big part of the week actually in Wellington away from my family, because I live in Auckland," he went on.  

"So what I meant was when I arrive in Wellington, I go to the supermarket," he explained. "People are quite surprised I do."  

Luxon added that when he's in Wellington he'll go to the supermarket to buy himself specific items. 

"I go off and I just buy my breakfast stuff, so usually it's some Weet-Bix and some oats.

"I didn't answer what I spent on food, obviously, but I answered the question very rationally, thinking that's what I'd been asked," he clarified.  

Mai Morning Crew host Tegan Yorwarth laughed, replying: "I was thinking, damn, is my bro just eating rice?" 

"What I do is I shoot down to New World at 11pm at night and get my stuff for breakfast, which is what it's about," Luxon said. 

So for those of us pondering on the specific items the country's soon-to-be leader purchases for such a small amount - it turns out he's just a breakfast kind of guy.